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Here are some tips to make your move run smoothly:


-Start early.
-Organization and preparation for your move will help keep your time and cost down.
-Have plenty of supplies, you'll likely need a lot of boxes and tape.
-Use labels to mark each box and its intended room destination.
-Use packing as a chance to get rid of some of those belongings that you may no longer need.
-Stack boxes with the heaviest box on the bottom.
-Remove lightbulbs before packing lamps.
-While packing, try to keep boxes at a reasonable weight so as to prevent injury and possibly box failure.
-Designate certain boxes to be opened first containing the items you'll need first at your new location, such as toiletries, tools, kitchenware, pet food, etc.
-Make arrangements for your pet to be taken care of the day of the move.
-Mark "fragile" where appropriate.
-Use towels, clothes, blankets, and socks to pad and protect delicate items.
-Be careful when using newpaper as packing material, the print may wear off onto your belongings.
-Check every room, closet, and cabinet one last time before deciding everything is loaded.
-Don't forget about the refrigerator.
-Be sure to determine end-of-services dates for all utilities and final bill details.
-Don't forget to file your change of address with the Post Office.
-Give your new address to: family, friends, utility companies, insurance companies, banks and financial institutions, health providers, magazine subscriptions, local government agencies, schools, and churches.
-Keep in mind the weather the day of your move.
-Only hire the best movers, so call Southwest Movers today!

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